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The Human Dreamcatcher

Annmarie Huppert is not only an advocate for survivors struggling with Post Traumatic Stress and author of PTSD Self Help: Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living (2014: Friesen Press), but also an equine gestaltist and life cycle coach of more than 20 years. She serves as an advisor and consultant to entrepreneurs and visionary leaders establishing sustainable, social purpose and non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada.

Annmarie and her equine partner, Indie, offer a fresh experience of reengagement with one’s sense of purpose and vocational passion. With two decades experience in interim leadership, Post Trauma advocacy, executive board membership, grant writing and mental health education, she’s helped thousands navigate the twists and turns inherent of a life of purpose.

Known for bringing people together and translating complicated concepts or information into layperson’s terms, clients use these words to describe Annmarie: the human dream catcher, heyoka empath, equi-shaman. Annmarie’s neurodivergence allows her to act as a bridge between matters of the heart and Spirit, giving clients a felt awareness of serendipity, synchronicity and inner wisdom. She facilitates meaningful ceremonies, vision quests, and experiential learning for individuals, families and groups.

My Story

Why Horses?

I’m haunted by horses.

They find me anywhere . . . even in my mind.

Horses have been a strong influence, since I was very young. Despite being kept away from me as a child, horses would find their way into my life and just when I needed them.

Strangely, one is a mighty, black horse, who arrived within my personal prayer/meditation space at a crucial time in my PTSD healing journey—a psychopomp I associate with the presence/voice of the Holy Spirit. All the transient horses who physically passed through my life can’t equal the lifesaving relationship I’ve had with this “horse within.”

At another crucial time in my healing journey, I was devastated by the suggestion that I may endure a lifetime of periodic admission into psychiatric care due to Post Traumatic Stress. Thanks to a horse named, Maggie, I had my first equine assisted learning experience, which saved my life and reignited my desire to heal from childhood sexual abuse.

Now, a middle aged mare named, Indie, has adopted me as her student and co-coach for humans who chose to learn about and celebrate the mystery of being human. Our partnership as practitioners of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® is our second-half-of-life career choice. We are all about a soul connection to self-advocacy, PTS/Acute Stress prevention and one’s sense of purpose, especially for women entering into entrepreneurship and visionary leaders.

I acknowledge the ability of animals to assist humans in the healing process and promote best practices that protect both. I believe if people understood their inborn strengths/abilities and how to use them, they could marshal those resources to not only recover from, but one day, prevent PTSD. The horses agree. They partner with clients to reveal unfinished business and incongruences between heart and head in magical ways that words cannot capture.

What Qualifies Me to Work with You?

My practical, self-help perspective comes not only from 20 years studying PTSD, its therapies, and obstacles to healing, but also from being a recovered childhood sexual abuse survivor, with more than a decade of 100% symptom-free living and two decades of life cycle coaching. You’ll gain all the benefit of my professional experience in interim leadership, community organizing and nonprofit grant making and formation, if you choose to work with me and my Medicine Horses.

This means we can help you overcome personal limitations, fears and blind spots as you create a foundation to build your vocational aspirations upon. Indie and I coach entrepreneurs and visionary leaders in their very first steps of creating sustainable, socially responsive organizations, while I continue to partner with health care professionals, government officials and community service organizations to provide PTSD/Acute Stress prevention through education and gestalt experiences as a motivational speaker/teacher and consultant.

I hold a B.A. in Psychology/Public Policy, an AA in Paralegal Studies, am an ordained minister and a certified practitioner of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® developed by Melisa Pearce. I love yoga, nature and meditating near water, when I’m not enjoying my three grandchildren. I live on the Salish Sea in beautiful Gig Harbor, Washington with my spouse, horse and two therapy pugs.

"Indie made it easy to see and feel how quickly my emotions are front and center..."

T. Cooper – WA

"I'm grateful for Annmarie creating a safe and comfortable space to reflect."

T. Cooper – WA

"I knew I had the strength and now that my cancer journey has successfully ended, it's time to shine again and conquer the world."

T. Cooper – WA

"The space Annmarie and Indie hold on the farm is magical and feels very freeing on the soul."

T. Cooper – WA

"Quite literally, I'm back on my feet and looking forward with gratitude."

R. Jackson – WA

"I think of you often, as your words, experiences and practice have tremendously helped me along this long path of healing."

R. Jackson – WA

About the EGCMethod®

Rooted in Jungian psychology, Gestalt is the forgotten ability to get in touch with the essence of what it means to be human. Loosely translated from German as “flowing into form,” Gestalt is a felt experience of thoughts forming in such a way as to result in a paradigm shift, an ‘ah,ha!.’ During coaching, it is experienced as the embodiment and personification of emotion for processing, resulting in a sense of completion, letting go, or tying up loose ends. I choose to guide others toward their natural ability to experience Gestalt by way of a coaching environment due to coaching’s co-active, experiential nature, which allows the client to stay in control of the pace and direction of a session. My role in partnership with horses is to guide a client’s awareness inward to the language of their body, symbolism of their subconscious mind and guidance of the Holy Spirit — their highest sense of self. I believe that horses live in a natural state of Gestalt. Many are making themselves available to assist in returning humanity to sanity, by helping humans remember how to process emotions in real time, thus avoiding the creation of unfinished business.

Preparing for your EGC Session

Your EGCMethod session with the horse will be outdoors or in an enclosed arena. Be sure to dress appropriately to be outdoors and in the weather. Although you may choose not to go into the pen with the horse, almost everyone does — please wear close toed shoes. You will not ride the horse. No horse experience is necessary.

Meet the Medicine Horses!



Indie is a 17 year old mare extraordinaire. She is a curious and kind coach getting right to the point, often by using her body to help clients align their energy or to act out parts of a client’s story.



Fella is a gregarious gelding and the official greeter at Gift Horse Ranch. He coaches in an active and engaging way, often placing his muzzle on the solution to client limitations. Fella is a true extrovert, who enjoys nudging clients from heartbroken to happy.



Gift is the queen mare at Gift Horse Ranch. Like so many clients, she has a history of having had her boundaries crossed by humans. She leverages this knowledge to help clients understand how to work in partnership, gain authentic agreement and earn trust by coaching at a distance, then moving in close with compassion, once a client reaches gestalt.

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