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Coming Summer 2024! Living life in the “past lane?” Join other brew lovers for a weekly meet up, where we contemplate and share deep thoughts in a welcoming and sacred circle of support. You’ll explore topics such as:

What would you like to have out of life?

What sort of people do you enjoy most?

What’s your greatest concern at this time?

What would you gain or loose by becoming your best?

NO advice permitted. Simply a safe place to have your voice heard among friends. The WINNER chooses the music playlist or vinyl spin for the following week.

Does an evening immersed in belonging within a sacred circle of love and non-judgement feel like an oasis? This is a membership event. VIP access only.

Are you a healing arts practitioner in need of a community that will support YOU, as you continue to do your good work? This is a weekly Zoom meet up and 1st Friday LIVE meet up for coaches, mental health professionals, body & energy workers, clairsentient guides and other socially conscious healers. Netweave, grow, renew, learn. It’s all about you. What do you need? Gimme a shout for the secret passcode and link!

This is a Dreamer’s nirvana! Make your dreams come true in a 14-day retreat in Cabuya, Costa Rica at Resonance Ranch hosted by author and founder of Life Navigation, Annmarie Esther (AE). Prepared to dive deep into exploring your passion and purpose alongside the Spirit of Equus. If you’re a socially conscious entrepreneur, non-profit founder and/or feel a sense of calling upon your life, you don’t want to miss out on this travel opportunity of a lifetime! You’ll come away with eternal memories and profound clarity of vision, which will ignite your actions stateside and beyond.

On-line planning group meets twice monthly. You’ll meet others traveling to Resonance Ranch and feel comfortable with those you may travel with. Learn about the Cabuya culture, attractions and must-see sights, while you prepare for the details of your trip, like passports, language, vaccinations, etc. Create fun ways to raise money to fund your trip, if finances seem out of reach. Stay in the group until you reach your goal of going!

Let this year be different. Go into the holidays without a care in the world, confident in what you’ve achieved and laser focused on your plans for 2024. Join other compassionate, like-minded women on a sacred journey through time to celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU and lay claim to your treasures for 2024. This 6-week meet up is full of purposeful reflection, ritual, ceremony, manifestation and intention setting. Enjoy chef prepared culinary delights and leave lighter, happier, ready to embrace love and laughter this holiday season.

Sacred Circle Welcome

Look Back/Look Forward Activity

Despatcho Ritual

Ceremonial Meal

Sacred Circle Release

Register by text or call at 253-288-9843. $333 per person/6-week session.